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3rd Wednesday, every two months: doors open 7pm (Films from 8pm)

  Let us serve you a warming soup with bread (£4) and a dessert (£3) during the interval.
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Wednesday 24th April 2013
Blood of the Amazon
Green on the Screen invite you to special opportunity to meet with Nicola Peel at the screening of her film.
Nicola is an environmental activist and film-maker who has spent time in Amazonian Ecuador looking at environmental damage at the hands of oil companies.

When ‘The Ecologist’ interviewed her they said:

“When you consider that it's inertia that often calls the shots on political issues in Western societies …  it's all the more impressive when you encounter someone who's prepared to go that ‘extra mile'.”

Her dedication and ingenuity to overcoming environmental issues are inspiring and humbling. This year alone she has built rainwater systems for 23 Amazon families who were drinking contaminated water and built (from 3200 plastic bottles filled with rubbish) the first ecological restaurant in the Amazon, serving local food on banana leaves.

'Blood of the Amazon' tells the story of the world's largest environmental lawsuit and investigates how the oil industry threatens a fragile rainforest environment.

Following the screening Nicola will present a short slideshow on her work in the Amazon which includes Mycoremediation (the use of mushrooms to clean up oil spills), the building of rainwater systems for families currently drinking contaminated water and the first ecological restaurant in the Amazon (built from 3200 plastic bottles filled with rubbish), serving local food on banana leaves.  It is also the first cafe to serve local coffee. Everyone grows coffee yet all you can buy is Nescafe!!

There will be a display of indigenous local crafts available for purchase including stunning seed jewellery, natural combs, vegetable ivory carved pipes, woven and naturally died agave mobile phone wallets etc.
Come and be inspired!
Places could very well be limited so do let us know that you will be there.