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A simple solution to the debt crisis

on the roof of Budgens Crouch End at:
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Moors Bar

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Wednesday 1st August
roofspace open @ 8pm - come early and settle in!
   We expect to start the screening at dusk (around 8:45pm).
This event will be cancelled if it rains. The July event was cancelled as it was too wet.
Please bring snacks and drinks to share (and your own cup).
Food from the Sky will be selling the following food plants direct from the roof:
  Calendula(£1.49), Tomato(£1.99/£2.50), Pea, Courgette, Squash and Pumpkin(all £1.99).

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When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it's essential that we understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked - questions like:
Where does money come from?
Who creates it?
Who decides how it gets used?
And what does that mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when money and finance breaks down?
97% Owned (the Directors Cut of his documentary 'Positive Money') reveals how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis. Featuring frank interviews and commentary from economists, campaigners and former bankers, it exposes the privatised, debt-based monetary system that gives banks the power to create money, shape the economy, cause crises and push house prices out of reach.

Fact-based and clearly explained, it shows how the power to create money is the piece of the puzzle that economists were missing when they failed to predict the crisis.
The documentary lasts for an hour.


Two boys talking You've never played Banking?  It's easy - first you give me the ball, then I charge you every time you want to play with the ball. I'll also charge you if you want to give the ball to someone else, and a small monthly fee for holding on to your ball.

Watch the trailer

This month we're holding Green on the Screen outside, on the roof at Food from the Sky - go up the stairs in the far corner of the Car Park off Crouch Hall Road

Followed by a friendly discussion around the theme of the film in a 'world cafe' setting
All welcome - get involved in your local community.