Wednesday 2nd May 2012
Voices of Cohousing
a new way of living in cities

One of today’s biggest paradoxes is that half of the world’s population lives in cities, yet many feel lonely and do not know their neighbours…

Imagine 20 households, each with its own dwelling, but all sharing some common rooms and activities. Urban and rural cohousing schemes make life easier and more fun for both adults and children,
while preserving privacy. This documentary, based on interviews conducted in 14 cohousings, shows that another life is possible. This dvd also has a 22 min. practical advice section.

from Jonathan Dawson: "This is an attractive film that tells the story of the modern cohousing movement through the voices of people in Scandinavia and northern Europe who actually live in cohousing settlements. It is accessible, clear, well-structured and should be of great interest, especially to those who are new to the cohousing phenomenon. The many advantages of cohousing life - a strong sense of community, a great place to bring up kids and to grow old, working towards having a lower footprint - are well covered and illustrated. This film is a little gem of simple story-teling."

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Heres are some videos about CoHousing:

Buidling Communities with Cohousing

Cohousing - Creating Community One Neighborhood at a Time

Program: 7pm - arrive and eat if you want to.

8pm - Screening (44 minutes long).
9pm - A facilitated discussion (in a 'World Cafe' setting),
led by Jeremy Green and Ruth Schamroth from the organisation negotiating co-housing at the old NHS site (St Lukes) in Muswell Hill